Looking to expand your brand? Make new sales? All through the power of the internet? Look no further.

I provide digital marketing services to clients internationally.

This page provides a short summary of what I can do for you. You can contact me at Michael [at] DrivingTheUniverse [dot] com.

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Prices are customized based on the client’s needs, and can be paid through a monthly retainer or bi-monthly retainer for ongoing projects.

All pricing starts at $2,000 USD per month. 

Based on the client’s needs, prices can reach as high as $6,000 USD per month for digital marketing services.

This price does not include advertising & software costs such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and E-mail marketing automation software. Advertising costs can be kept as low as the client wishes.

List of Services

Here are some of the most common services I provide clients. Keep in mind that every client gets a specific success plan, so please contact me at Michael [at] DrivingTheUniverse [dot] com if you are interested in hiring me.

The services are listed in order of skill. The first service I’m best at, and the last service I’m least skilled in.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertisements to grow your Facebook page, test products, collect customer information, send traffic to your website/blog, make sales, and more.

I’ve developed a secret process over 2 years that allows me to rapidly break into a market, quickly collect customer information, and curate content that converts into results.

Facebook advertising & page growth is my strongest skill.

Google Advertising & PPC

Google, YouTube, and other PPC advertising channels such as Amazon & Bing are also a strong skill of mine.

I use a similar strategy to my secret Facebook process which consistently delivers great results.

E-mail Marketing, Funnels, & Automations

E-mail marketing is best used with Facebook and/or Google/PPC advertising. Funnels & automations help close sales & increase the average order per customer.

A lot of people say E-mail marketing is dying, but for right now it still works. If anything the E-mail list can be uploaded to Facebook & Google to run re-targeting advertisements & collect customer audience information.

Funnels & automations are often used with E-mail marketing, but are separate. There are all Facebook & Google advertising funnels which I can create.

Social Media Management, Copy-writing, Blog Writing

I can manage & grow social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The focus will always be on Facebook & YouTube though because of the high return-on-investment.

For large companies keeping up-to-date on other social media channels is important, but for small to medium sized companies I recommend approaching other social media channels with a minimalist mindset. It is simply not worth the return-on-investment until you’re huge.

Great copy-writing & blog writing is key to converting leads online. I will curate all content for sales pages, social media posts, advertisements, and other channels.

Website Services- Not My Strong Skills

I know a small amount of coding, web design, and other website services such as search engine optimization. I don’t typically focus on selling these services, but if they’re needed in addition to my digital marketing services they are usually added for free because they are one-off changes needed for the marketing to succeed.

Search engine optimization is also important towards developing a powerful website. I can do basic search engine optimization such as optimizing meta data, but I am not well-versed in advanced techniques.

Intellectual Property

As of right now, all intellectual property remains property of the client. This is important for clients because some digital marketers try to “own” the intellectual property, which creates a huge hassle for when the contract is eventually terminated.

Testimonials & Portfolio

E-mail me at Michael [at] DrivingTheUniverse [dot] com for testimonials, a portfolio, and more.

Contact Me

All potential clients are given a free consultation call so I can get to know you & your business to determine if we will be a good fit. From there a specific action plan & proposal is created.

Keep in mind that pricing begins at $2,000 USD per month, and can range as high as $6,000 USD per month. This does not include adspend. If this is out of budget, please do not contact me.

Contact me at Michael [at] DrivingTheUniverse [dot] com. All important inquiries are typically responded to within 1 working day.


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